• Steven E Lynn, DDS
    • Dr. Steven E. Lynn, DDS
          • Portrait of Dr. Steven E. Lynn, DDS, a Bloomington implant dentist, smiling and wearing dental scrubs with a lamp and blinds in the background.
          • Dr. Steven E. Lynn

            Dr. Steven E. Lynn, originally from Southern Indiana, attended Indiana State University as a Pre-Dental major before earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry. He furthered his education at the Midwest Implant Institute, earning Distinguished Fellow status, and holds Prosthetic and Surgical Fellowships with the International Organization of Implant Dentists and the American Academy of Implant Dentists. Additionally, Dr. Lynn trained with the Doctor’s Organization for Conscious Sedation.

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    • Lynna Lynn
          • Lynna, the implant coordinator and office administrator, smiling in a clinical setting with dental equipment in the background.
          • Lynna Lynn – Implant Coordinator & Office Administrator

            Lynna oversees the coordination of implant procedures and manages the office’s administrative tasks. She is the main point of contact for patients requiring dental implants, ensuring they receive personalized care and attention.

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    • Erica
          • Erica, the front office manager, smiling in a professional setting with light green walls in the background.
          • Erica – Front Office/Insurance Coordinator

            Erica manages the front office operations and handles insurance-related matters. She assists patients with appointment scheduling, insurance claims, and any administrative questions they might have.

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    • Dee Dee
          • Portrait of Dee Dee, a dental hygienist, smiling in a clinical setting.
          • Dee Dee – Dental Hygienist

            Dee Dee is responsible for providing preventive dental care, including cleanings, examinations, and patient education on maintaining oral health. She works closely with patients to ensure their dental hygiene is up to standard.

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    • Kayla
          • Kayla – Dental Assistant

            Kayla assists Dr. Lynn during dental procedures, ensuring that all instruments and materials are ready and that patients are comfortable throughout their treatment.

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    • Tammy
          • Tammy – Dental Hygienist

            Tammy is in charge of delivering preventive dental care, which includes cleanings, examinations, and educating patients on maintaining oral health. She collaborates closely with patients to ensure their dental hygiene meets the required standards.

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    • New Patient Forms
          • A signed patient medical form with a pen
          • New Patient Forms

            To streamline your first visit, please complete our New Patient Forms in advance. These forms will help us understand your dental history and any specific concerns you may have.

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    • Insurance Information
          • Insurance Information

            We accept a wide range of insurance plans to make dental care affordable for our patients. Here is some important information about insurance coverage:

            • Accepted Insurance Plans: We work with most major insurance providers. Please call our office to confirm if we accept your specific plan.
            • Insurance Claims: Our staff will help you file claims and maximize your benefits.
            • Out-of-Network Insurance: If your insurance is out-of-network, we will still assist in filing claims, and you may receive reimbursement based on your plan.

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    • Payment Options
          • Payment Options

            We strive to make dental care accessible to everyone by offering various payment options:

            • Credit and Debit Cards: We accept all major credit and debit cards.
            • Payment Plans: Flexible payment plans are available through CareCredit to help you manage treatment costs over time.
            • Cash and Checks: We also accept cash and personal checks.

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    • FAQs
          • Advanced dental technology connected to a dental chair
          • Frequently Asked Questions

            Have a question as a new or returning patient of Dr.Lynn, DDS? Check out our frequently asked questions.

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HIPAA Compliance Information


At BloomingtonImplantDentist.com, we take the privacy and security of your health information seriously. Our website is designed to be compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to ensure the protection of all protected health information (PHI) that is collected, stored, and transmitted through our site.

What is HIPAA?

HIPAA is a federal law that mandates the creation of national standards to protect sensitive patient health information from being disclosed without the patient’s consent or knowledge. It includes regulations regarding the privacy and security of health data, ensuring that all healthcare-related entities implement stringent safeguards to protect patient information.

Our Commitment to HIPAA Compliance

We have implemented a comprehensive set of policies, procedures, and technologies to comply with HIPAA requirements. Our efforts include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Encryption
    • All PHI transmitted through our website is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to prevent unauthorized access during transmission.
    • Data at rest, including patient records stored on our servers, is encrypted using industry-standard encryption protocols.
  2. Access Controls
    • Access to PHI is restricted to authorized personnel only.
    • Each user is assigned a unique username and password to access the system, and user activities are monitored and logged.
  3. Authentication
    • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is employed to verify the identity of users accessing the system.
    • Regular updates and patches are applied to maintain the integrity of our authentication systems.
  4. Audit Controls
    • We maintain detailed logs of access and modifications to PHI.
    • Regular audits are conducted to ensure compliance with HIPAA policies and to identify any potential security issues.
  5. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
    • Regular backups of all PHI are performed to ensure data can be restored in case of a system failure or data loss.
    • A comprehensive disaster recovery plan is in place to ensure continuity of operations and protection of PHI in the event of an emergency.
  6. Breach Notification
    • In the event of a data breach involving PHI, we will notify affected individuals and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as required by HIPAA regulations.
    • We will take immediate action to mitigate the breach and prevent future occurrences.
  7. Training and Awareness
    • All employees and contractors are required to undergo regular HIPAA training to ensure they understand the importance of PHI protection and their role in maintaining compliance.
    • We promote a culture of privacy and security awareness throughout our organization.

HIPAA-Compliant Features of Our Website

Your Rights Under HIPAA

As a patient, you have several rights under HIPAA, including:

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our HIPAA compliance practices or if you need to exercise any of your rights under HIPAA, please contact us at:

Email: admin@bloomingtonimplantdentist.com
Phone: (812) 323-8112
Address: 2920 S McIntire Dr #200, Bloomington, IN 47403, UNITED STATES

We are committed to protecting your health information and ensuring our website meets all HIPAA requirements. Thank you for trusting BloomingtonImplantDentist.com with your dental health care needs.