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 At Steven E. Lynn, DDS, we don’t want you to hide your smile from the world. Our team is passionate about unlocking your best smile, and with a location in Bloomington IN, we make it convenient for you as well! We offer a wide range of preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry services with each treatment tailored to your specific needs. We’ll help you achieve the exact look you desire so you can feel confident with your grin.

Teeth Cleaning in Bloomington, IN

Preventive Services We Provide:

Routine Teeth Cleaning

It is suggested by the American Dental Association, that patients should be seen for a dental cleaning and routine exam every six months or as recommended by Dr. Lynn. During the cleaning, plaque and calculus will be removed from your teeth, leaving behind a bright and polished smile. Sometimes, x-rays need to be taken to help detect possible cavities in between teeth that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique

Steven E. Lynn, DDS is proud to offer an alternative to traditional tissue grafting, the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique! Dr. Lynn is 1 of only 1500 dentists Worldwide that have been certified to perform this procedure. This new procedure offers a scalpel-free, suture-free procedure for treating gum recession. The procedure is usually completed in 1-2 hours and provides a quicker recovery compared to the traditional method.

During your appointment, Dr. Lynn uses a small needle to make a small hole in the gum tissue. The tissue is then loosened and moved over the receded part of the tooth. Patients experience minimal post-operative symptoms including pain, swelling, and bleeding. Typically they will recover in a few days. For more information on the procedure, please watch this quick video.

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the adult population and the main contributor to heart disease. If your gums bleed while brushing, you have loose teeth, constant bad breath or your gums are receding then these are signs of possible disease. Both of our hygienists are trained in the treatment and prevention of this disease. Most patients are actually unaware that they even have this insidious disease until it is “too late” and the only treatment is having the tooth or teeth removed. Our hygienists do a complete evaluation with all New Patients and routinely monitor the patients Periodontal condition during the patients routine cleaning appointments.

Cone Beam Scanner

We are one of the very few offices that have an in house CBCT 3D Scanner. While most offices rely on a Panoramic or Periapical X-Ray, which is only a 2-dimensional picture, this machine is able to graphically display a 3-dimensional rendering of your entire head. This allows the doctor to better determine the best placement area for dental implants and to avoid any nerve issues that a traditional X-ray does not show, scan for any bone anomalies or abscesses that do not appear in a traditional X-Ray. It also lets us see if your have esophagus issues that could be the cause of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and if it is treatable without the use of a C-Pap machine or surgery.
Teeth Whitening in Bloomington, IN

Cosmetic Services We Provide:

Teeth Whitening

Soon after starting treatment at our office for teeth whitening, you will start to see a whiter and brighter smile. With our whitening services, the effects of coffee, smoking, tea, and other causes for tooth discoloration will slowly disappear, leaving a beautiful white smile. Schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Lynn to see if you’re a candidate for teeth whitening.

Laminate Veneers

Veneers are thin slices of porcelain that cover teeth. These are used to cover stains, chips, imperfection, and gaps in your smile. Generally, depending on the number of veneers that need to be applied, it could take several visits to complete your new smile! These last between 10-20 years under the right care.

Cosmetic Restorations

If you dislike the look that old silver restorations give your mouth, white fillings are the perfect solution! Your old silver restorations will be replaced with tooth-colored fillings, resulting in a smile you can be proud to show off. White fillings are also bonded to the natural tooth structure, increasing the overall strength of the tooth, unlike silver (amalgam) fillings that have no bonding properties.

Dental Implants in Bloomington, IN

Restorative Services We Provide:


Crowns are necessary when a tooth is severely damaged or has suffered from advanced decay and cannot be fixed with a bonded filling material. Crowns cover the remaining tooth and restore its function, strength, and esthetics. Several crown material options are available, and we will discuss these on an individual basis, depending on the area of the mouth that needs to be restored.


Bridges can be utilized when tooth loss occurs due to gum disease, decay, or injury. The loss of the tooth can create greater problems for your dental health if it is not corrected. The teeth next to the missing tooth (or teeth) can begin to move and result in pain, discomfort, and can look unsightly. With bridges, Dr. Lynn will close any gaps in your smile. The bridge looks and acts just like natural teeth, is permanently cemented, and helps to maintain the position of the rest of your teeth.

Dental Implants

If you happen to be missing one or more teeth, dental implants could be the perfect solution for you! Dental implants are natural-looking and are permanently anchored into the patient’s jawbone and, unlike traditional bridges, no preparation of adjacent teeth is required.

It is essential to replace missing teeth because, if left with spaces, your teeth can shift and cause a variety of other dental problems. Dr. Lynn has extensive experience in treatment planning and designing implant solutions that are custom-tailored for each individual patient. When your dental implants are placed, your jaw will bond and attach to the implant, making them very strong and functional. Dr. Lynn is the only area dentist to be certified in both the surgical and restorative phases of dental implants. Our implants are guaranteed for life!

Root Canals (Endodontic Therapy)

Root canal therapy is needed when a cavity has reached the pulp of a tooth causing an infection of the nerve or when severe trauma has affected the tooth. Regular checkups with your dentist help to avoid and prevent the need for endodontic therapy. But once the pulp has become infected, it must be treated to avoid further issues since it cannot heal by itself. Some signs that the pulp is infected include sensitivity to hot or cold foods or liquids, pain, swelling, or even a bad taste in the mouth. For some patients, no symptoms are obvious, and they are unaware of a problem even exists until a dentist sees them for an exam.

When endodontic therapy is performed, your dentist will clean out the infected pulp and disinfect the canals of the tooth. Once the area is disinfected, the canals of the tooth are filled with a special material that prevents further infections and heals the tooth. Sometimes a core build-up, bonded post, and crown are necessary for restoring a tooth to function.

Dentures/Partial Dentures

If you’re missing teeth, dentures are an option to give you the smile you crave and the functionality you need. Dentures make it possible to eat foods that require chewing and allow you to keep your diet and lifestyle you’re accustomed to. Dentures are usually recommended to replace teeth that are causing serious pain or have severe damage. Full dentures replace all of the upper or lower teeth, while partial dentures can be fitted around healthy teeth to complete your smile.

Bonded and Metal Fillings

The traditional way of sealing a tooth, bonded and metal fillings are used to restore a tooth. When a tooth begins to decay, it must be treated because it will only get worse.. When a cavity forms it invites bacterial with it, which causes infection. We disinfect the tooth and apply a filling to seal it from bacteria entering the tooth and causing further decay.
Sedation Dentistry in Bloomington, IN

Sedation Dentistry

For patients who become anxious during a visit to the dentist, the office of Steven E. Lynn, D.D.S. is proud to offer sedation dentistry as a solution to help every patient receive the dental care they need. We offer a range of sedative techniques that include nitrous oxide, local anesthesia, and conscious monitored sedation. When the procedure is over, the patient will wake up feeling comfortable and at ease with their dental work completed. Sedation dentistry is perfect for those with high anxiety about receiving dental work, or even those with diminished mental capacity. The dentist is able to do the work needed, and the patient doesn’t feel any anxiety and leaves with a beautiful smile.

Sleep Apnea Treatment in Bloomington, IN

Sleep Apnea


Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a common disorder that causes snoring and breathing pauses during sleep. These breathing pauses may occur 30 times or more an hour. As a result, the quality of sleep suffers, making patients tired during the day. On top of that, significant others are often suffering too. Loud and persistent snoring can keep him or her awake and take a toll on his or her well-being.


The most obvious sign of obstructive sleep apnea is chronic, loud, and ongoing snoring. There is usually persistent sleepiness during the day, including while at work or driving. This may cause the sufferer to doze off during periods of inactivity. Other symptoms include morning headaches, waking frequently throughout the night, difficulty concentrating and remembering, psychological problems such as depression or mood changes, and sore throat or dry mouth upon waking.

My office is pleased to be certified and trained in this exciting and non-invasive treatment for OSA. We offer the latest in technology and want to provide you the opportunity for a restful nights sleep. Your medical insurance sometimes covers the treatment, but if not, it is relatively inexpensive as compared to a cumbersome and uncomfortable CPAP machine.

Dental Emergencies in Bloomington, IN

Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can be very frightening and often painful. Prompt treatment is generally required to alleviate pain and ensure the patient’s oral and overall health. If you’re dealing with a dental emergency, call us immediately at 812-323-8112, and we will schedule you in as soon as possible. Should you call during after hours, our voicemail message will instruct you on how to contact us.

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